Bridget’s Story

There once was a girl born into this world, who surprised everyone greatly. She decided to come early because she could no longer wait. When she was presented to her parents, they laughed and cried over this baby girl, for it gave them great joy to have something so precious. She was a bundle of pink with sweetheart lips and golden hair. They named her Bridget Rose and her story began.

Bridget fussed and cried and mystified her older brother, Harrison, like any other new baby. Eventually, she began to scoot around interested in all the things around her. Harrison’s toys were of great delight; dinosaurs, trains, books and more. Her favorites though, were anything that produced music. This delighted Bridget- every time she heard a tune, her face lit up and she shimmied. When she finally learned to walk, she would dance or run. Because now, she discovered her special talents, especially speed.

Anywhere Bridget went with her family, she did not sit still. She ran with gusto, or climbed or slid. Her energy was boundless and exhausting to her mom and dad. Yet, she was happy! She learned about the beautiful colors of orange and pink as a Dunkin Donuts box entered the house, she raced down the hall, clambered into her chair, clapped her hands, singing, “Do-dos! Do-dos!” When she showed you affection, she wrapped her arms around your neck so tightly, the air would leave your lungs, then she’d take your cheeks in her two pudgy hands, giving you a wet, sloppy kiss. When Dora or Elmo came on the TV, Bridget danced like a little pony in her signature trot. She helped herself to countless apples in the refrigerator, eating them to the core and throwing the remains in the toy box, only to discover them at a later date.

Bridget loved life and she lived it fully. It was only when the horrible reality of Batten disease came to her and took over, she could no longer do all of those physical things. Instead, she began to use her gifts in an entirely different way. Her beautiful blue eyes would express her feelings while reaching out to those around her. The tilt of her head, the occasional, remarkable smile enlightened anyone who had a glimpse. She spread her message of HOPE and courage. She reached out to others, touching their hearts and souls without ever saying a word. They too, would feel her sincerity. And as they did, her magic spread to hundreds, even thousands. Those that provided care or therapy for her, especially, please stand up so we can honor you. You are Bridget’s team, her army of caregivers, nurses, therapists, babysitters, teachers……. You gave her your energy, time and love that made this part of her life truly incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And now, Bridget’s story gave us her final surprise- the transformation into eternal life. The end of her physical being, but just the beginning with Christ, Our Lord. Her charismatic, endearing spirit sprouted wings to take her on her lifelong journey- to fly with angels in a sky painted pink, purple and orange. To be free of suffering and bask in the glory of wholeness and health. We will grieve and miss our Bridget Rose, but her story is endless.
It is FOREVER AFTER and she is home.